The story of humanity is one of change.

It's a story of brave change.

We came out of the cave…  we mastered fire…
we crossed the oceans, climbed mountains, conquered space.

As a species we look to the horizon and seek the unknown.

And in the 21st century we know more, see more, and encounter more of our world than any human ever has before.

The ‘new’ is constant and change is everywhere, in all aspects of our world, and our work.

The test for leaders today is to make sense of this unrelenting change, and to find meaning for their teams, their organisations and themselves.

To rise to the challenge with more than just the old ways of working. To embrace change. To be brave. To be Valiente.


Brave change is a conscious approach to bold action.

We harness the latest in change research, cutting edge technology, evidence-based tools and software solutions, communications and marketing know-how, and deep change management understanding and expertise to deliver a fresh approach to change.


Brave leadership empowers and energises.

To achieve this, Valiente believes that no matter what role they play in the organisation, leaders need to transform themselves first.

We work with leaders to create new mindsets - brave mindsets focused on shared success.


Brave work means delivery re-imagined.

Step out of the comfort zone of the traditional and experience the latest in cutting edge research and digital tools and technology.

We work with teams to help you bravely step into a whole new world of technology-supported delivery.


Valiente is Spanish for Brave.

And to be Valiente,
you must take the first step.

Directors Lesleigh Ross and Faith Timbs have spent years at the forefront of change management delivery, working with leaders facing this undertaking, as they strive to engage their workforce in large scale change programs.

Valiente Directors

Valiente is about taking the best research, thought leadership, insights, experience and knowledge and using it to challenge leaders to be brave in their approach to leading change in their organisations.

By connecting, collaborating and thinking creatively we instill new mindsets - brave mindsets – to enable the next generation of change leaders to flourish in a world that demands more.

Step into brave change with Valiente.

Is your organisation enabled for Brave Change?

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Is your organisation enabled for Brave Change?






Lesleigh is an excellent program and project manager who also provides additional skills as an accomplished change and communications professional. Lesleigh is particularly recommended for ICT programs and projects in the public sector, especially Public Health.

Valiente went above and beyond, delivered a product one time that exceeded expectations and was excellent value. They bring a contemporary approach, is articulate, engaging and clearly thought leaders in their field.

Lesleigh has a very thorough depth of knowledge in relation to all aspects of program / project work. She is an extremely capable and confident professional leader, whilst maintaining the ability to be a friendly and genuine person. I had the pleasure of working with Lesleigh on some of my projects and found her to be a invaluable asset. She was able to provide a deep understanding of IT practices, technologies and processes, and help deliver successful outcomes.

Faith is one of those rare people who embraces change because it excites and intrigues her. Not one to shy away from difficult conversations or tough situations, her expertise in communications and a deep understanding of the science of behaviour change, truly helps her navigate corporate change with ease.

I have always found Lesleigh passionate about change management and in particular influencing stakeholders across the organisation to maximise the benefits of the change being introduced. Lesleigh has been collaborative and consultative in her approach to ensure the needs of the organisation are met.

Valiente has a unique understanding of the challenges that confront modern, forward looking organisations whose principle aim is to make the process of transitioning to new ways of thinking more likely to succeed.

Leigh is an amazing person to work with. She is a great leader and mentor with exceptional Change Management skills, which involves managing conflicts, talking to your team and helping each member understand difficult part of the change; whether the conflict was with a person or was a part of the process, she was able to manage and handle it with her expertise, patience and perseverance.